About Us

Decades of dedication

Since 1973, Sureway has built a legacy as a leader in the construction industry. Leveraging our knowledge, experience, and ambition, we’ve formed strong partnerships and a diverse project portfolio. We’ve earned our reputation as one of Alberta’s most trusted construction companies.

Our Core

Sureway clears the way for vital infrastructure and land development. With our vast equipment fleet and worldwide network of suppliers, we can manage any construction project from conception to completion. We’re confident in our ability to get the job done. Our dedication to safety and quality is truly what makes us stand out. Our team develops efficient solutions to intricate problems, all while keeping a firm focus on timelines and budgets. Together, we’re ready…

Our Company

Our experienced engineers, project managers, superintendents and craft workers provide the proven solutions that the Sureway name stands for. Our complex located in south-east Edmonton is our central hub for our team of professional, administrative and technical employees. The self-constructed 200,000 ft² complex was specifically designed with room for future growth, together with state of the art infrastructure to support equipment rebuild and maintenance.

Sureway Construction Group has 3 other business units:

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