Start Rehabilitation – Hwy 28 Crossing

Scope of Work

  • 700 lm – Sanitary Pipe (1200mm DR35 & 1500mm DR35)
  • 100 lm – Sanitary Pipe Slip Lining (900mm HDPE DR17)
  • 1 ls – Flushing Existing Sanitary Lines (Uni-Jet)
  • 1 ls – Case Bore of Lines Under High Pressure Gas Lines
  • 1 ls – Disposal of Existing Concrete Sanitary Line
  • 1 ls – By-Pass Pumping & Club Root Mitigation


Project Statistics:

  • Location:Edmonton, AB
  • Duration:June – August 2017
  • Owner:Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC)
  • Our Services:
    • Underground Utilities

Project Description:

 The project involved the removal and replacement of approximately 700m of active sanitary sewer trunk mains with new PVC pipes with sizes from 1200mm to 1500mm. Slip-lining 98m of 1200mm concrete pipe with a 900mm HDPE Line. The work included stripping, flushing the existing lines, cased trenchless installation under existing high pressure gas mains. Removal and disposal of the existing concrete mains, bypass pumping and restoration and club root mitigation