Meridian Street Creek Crossing

Scope of Work

  • 170,000 m3 – Earthworks
  • 500 m – Storm Pipe (375mm to 1,500mm dia. @ 4m to 10m deep)
  • 50 vm – Manholes (1,200mm to 3,000mm dia.)
  • 10 ea – Catch Basins
  • 20,000 m2 – Road Grade Preparation
  • 131 m – Multi-Plate Culvert (4,000mm dia.)
  • 51 m – Stainless Steel Watermain on Bridge (600mm dia.) c/w Butterfly Valve, Air Release Valve, Hydrants and Expansion Joint
  • 2 Lane Bridge Structure (14m long) with Driven H-Piles (560m), MSE Wall, Concrete Abutments/Approach Slab/Wing Wall, Deck Waterproofing
  • Existing Road Removal


Project Statistics:

  • Location:Edmonton, AB
  • Duration:June 2021 – Aug 2022
  • Owner:Qualico
  • Our Services:
    • Earthworks
    • Underground Utilities

Project Description:

The scope of this project is to replace and construct a multi-plate culvert for Horsehill Creek, at Meridian St, as well construct a new two lane bridge structure on Meridian Street to facilitate a wildlife crossing through the existing ravine. This involves the removal of the existing road structure, earthworks, installation of storm water management infrastructure and construction of a new watermain to service the new Marquis land development.
This project was required to meet Alberta Transportation specifications for the Multiplate Culvert and Bridge construction. Coordination was required with adjacent pipeline owners on the West side ROW of the work scope.