Keswick Grading Stage 19

Scope of Work

  • 209,200 m3 – Marginal and Topsoil Stripping (Onsite Stockpile)
  • 180,000 m3 – Common Excavation (Onsite Stockpile, Haul Offsite, Excess)
  • 175,000 m3 – Common Excavation (Storm Water Management Facility)


Project Statistics:

  • Location:Edmonton, AB
  • Duration:May – September 2017
  • Owner:Rohit Development
  • Our Services:
    • Earthworks

Project Description:

 Excavation, hauling, placement, grading and compaction of on-site clay. Approximately 200,000m3 of Topsoil stripping, 370,000m3 of Common excavation for site and SWMF. Stripping of topsoil and marginal material to onsite stockpiles and snake pit locations. See below scope of work.