Beacon Hill Outfall & Pipeline Upgrades

Scope of Work

  • 20,000 m3 – Dry Pond Construction
  • 2,000 lm – Storm & Sanitary Open Cut Installation
  • 1 ls – 1200mm Dia. Outfall Directly Into Hanging stone River
  • 75 lm – HDPE Fusible DR32.5 on a 65m Vertical Drop, Up to 60% Slope
  • 23,500 m2 – Asphalt Replacement
  • 450 lm – Concrete Curb & Sidewalk Replacement

Project Statistics:

  • Location:Fort McMurray, AB
  • Duration:June – October 2015
  • Owner:Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB)
  • Our Services:
    • Earthworks
    • Underground Utilities

Project Description:

This project was part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo’s latest Master Water and Master Wastewater plans to update Fort McMurray’s aging infrastructure. In 2015, Sureway was retained by the RMWB with Urban Systems as the municipality’s representative to complete the Beacon Hill Outfall & Pipeline Upgrades Storm & Sanitary Contract No.1. Approximately 2,000m of Storm & Sanitary and 1200mm Dia. Outfall directly into the Hangingstone river with Ghostpine Environmental Consulting. Approximately 400m of Fusible HDPE DR32.5 on a 65m vertical drop on a up to 60% slope. Dry pond construction of approximately 20,000m3 of excavation. Approximately 23,500m2 of Asphalt replacement and 450m of concrete curb and sidewalk replacement. Extensive traffic accommodation and public relations.